Today, pooling various debts such as mortgages, auto loans, credit card debt obligations and selling these portfolios as bonds, pass-through securities, or Collateralized mortgage obligation (CMOs), is an everyday financial activity.

It’s estimated that global assets of more than trilion dollars are being managed according to Islamic investment principles. Islamic finance is also a subset of the global market and there is little to prevent the conventional investor from participating in the Islamic market.

Looking at the significant size, the need to structure Islamic bonds and securities in a Shariah compliant manner becomes more inevitable.

ESAAC Advisers have a global experience in structuring Sukuk models. We assist clients in advising Sukuk transaction from structuring to certification to meet funding objectives. Our approach is to ensure that both commercial and Shariah considerations are incorporated. We emphasize on developing structures that has a wide Shariah acceptance and marketability.
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